Hey…! I am from Mumbai, “Aamchi Mumbai." I did my post-graduation in Agriculture. And had a stint of 10 years, as credit analyst at the financial sector, and found that I can analyse things to develop life more beautifully in a creative way. That was the beginning of a new Voyage and I jumped into the ocean of creativity to follow my passion. Although I started making mandala art in 2014, which I call, "ManNdala: The unique Manaswi Mandalas.” The Conceptual art and design enhancement for offices and lobbies has started in 2019. Which is fundamentally the commissioned art that I do. I haven't learned Art from any art school but from LIFE :)
I perform many other art forms and life-changing things such as dance, writing, flower cultivation, calligraphy, motivational counselling for a happy life, chalk carving, personalised gifting, and many more!

So...Come on…and let the dreams soar high..!!


Creativity is Inventing, Experimenting, Growing, Taking risks, Breaking rules, Making mistakes and Having Fun..!!
-Mary Lou Cook.